The fear of getting started

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It’s always the hardest part, but wait! It’s all about gaining momentum, right? Find your motivation, keep at it and… tada! you will master that new thing!

In my experience, it’s harder than that: much of the new stuff that I want to try also involves defeating fear.

Fear is a strong word, and you can argue that there are scary things out there. Real scary things. There are people going trough a lot of suffering, and it’s true. Not only true but is always present in the back of my head because I have gone through some.

Having that said, some kind fear exists when trying new things, in some degree if you will; but the fear is there. Fear of rejection,  judgment, failure. It has to be perfect.

Trying to archive perfection is fine. But sometimes it’s hard to remember that nothing can be perfect, much less if is your first time doing it.

Trying to simulate that fear doesn’t exist is dumb. Fear will always be there, looking for you, recalling your past errors. What is the virtue in bravery if the fear does not exist? Somebody that doesn’t experiment fear can’t be brave!

The key is to embrace fear. Alejandro Dolina has an interesting view (Spanish) about fears. I like this funny analogy in particular:

Nobody has fear in hell, because hell is the worst that can happen to anybody. Fear is all about the future, all about getting worst.

So, maybe It’s better to run and chase the fear, get inside of the hell and stop worrying about it! and that is what this post is all about.

I have to confess: I’m scared to the bone to write this. English is not my first language, and I never had a formal education in English. I’m also scared of what you will think about me, oh dear reader.

I’ve been trying to start a technical blog for a long time (I code web pages for living). I have my blog designed (thanks to my wonderful girlfriend) and coded, but the fear of sucking at writing stops me.

I bought grammar books, and I’m reading them. But, only reading is not going to make me progress.

So, right now I’m chasing my fears as fast as I can, hoping to find the warm of hell. I decided to post every day on this blog about my rants. At least, if I don’t get better, I will have a nice collection of nonsense to show to my children some day.

Last thing: if you find something wrong about my wording/grammar, and you don’t mind sharing with me, please do it! All feedback is welcome! Leave a comment or contact me at:

Roberto Dip