How to keep trying things

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One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve never received came from a book which I don’t remember the title. It was about productivity and getting things done. The author gave a fairly common piece of advice: write down your objectives. Do not let them sit on your mind, write the things on paper.

This advice gave me great result over time; so I decided use this post as a way to outline my plan to try out new things.

In consequence, this isn’t a useful post; It doesn’t contain great advice. I’m not speaking from a vast experience, I’m not summarizing things that I’ve read from wise people. The plan is to use it as a guideline for myself and polish it over time.

Read books that aren’t about your area of expertise

Do not stick with the books that you are comfortable with. Go and try to read new ones with content that you are not familiar. They will inspire you to view things from a different angle and to investigate about them. It’s a never ending road.

Follow new interesting people on social networks

They should not be part of your ecosystem. If you are a programmer follow artists or marketing people. Try to discover new groups and niches.

A good way to do this is using Twitter Lists, find lists that other people have already created.

Use new social networks

People in a specific sector tend to use a social network that allows them to communicate better. For instance, programmers like Twitter; it’s difficult to find programming posts on Instagram. If if you are a programmer like me, go to Instagram! (or any other).

Visit museums and galleries

They will inspire you.

Learn a new instrument

Preferably one that is completely different from what you play. If you are a drummer don’t go for a djembe, try the piano instead.

Take a new course

Ideally, in a place where you meet new people. If you are more of an introvert like me, online courses can sort of do it. However the idea is to get out of the comfort zone, so at least try it.

Walk for a path of your city where you have never been before

You will see thinks that you are not used to. Some of them may inspire you: a graffiti, a message on the wall, maybe somebody.

Help people

In any way you can. It doesn’t have to be charity work. You can mentor someone for instance.


Yep, this is obvious and I’d say a cliché, but it’s valid.

My plan is to update this section as the inspiration comes, I will be in the hunt for things to add.

Roberto Dip