In the tale of thinking

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When was the last time that you sat on the sofa and spent a considerable amount of time wondering about things? I don’t know you, but I’m not doing that enough.

I find particulary exciting to explore areas of thought in where I’ve never been before. It allows me to grow as a human being, discover more about me and others and persue new interests. Every time I learn something new, a new way of looking at the things appear to me.


I’ve found that a particulary useful tool to enlighten new thoughts is reading. Yes, I know, everybody says this. But trust me, it is so true… when I read a good book, my whole world is different.

Of course, we are talking of good books; in this era of digital publishing there are a lot of crappy books out there,. There is only one reason which I don’t want to read crappy books: I don’t have the time.

Once you come into the realisation that you can’t read all the books because you have a limited span of time, you start to be very picky. We only have time for a limited amount of books, be wise.

I can go on and on about books, and I will write more than one post about them, but for now let’s move on.


Engaging with new people is another way to discover new universes for us. But engaging is not enough. You have to engage and care, listen and receive.

The real fun begins when you engage with people that is different from you. In my opinion, that is the main reason of why people love traveling.


And this is what this post is about, I miss having the time to think, sit and think.

I don’t have any data to back up this claim, but it is a strong feeling: we are not used to think. We as a society are used to consume thoughts already formed by somebody else (usually via massive media). It is easier, it makes us think that we are great, and we assume that we have opinions because of that.

And that is what sitting down and thinking is all about! Forming our on thoughts and opinions! You will not get a divine inspiration or new knoledge by doing this, but you will process and refine the information that you already have. This allows us to form our on opinions, agree or disagree with something because we firmly believe in it! not just because we have seen others do it, or that’s what others spect of us.

The feeling of reaching horizons is wonderful. Don’t let it waste

Roberto Dip