My relationship with work

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What a title, eh? The idea of this post is to express _some_—there is so much to cover!— feelings in the matter.

In this post, I’m not only referring to remunerated job. For me, any form of labor that produces a measurable result is a job.

Now, there is a logic objection: what about hobbies? or things that we do for pleasure? All they produce a defined, measurable output. Well, in this conception those are jobs too. I find this approach useful because it makes things more measurable —which makes me comfortable— and because it goes well with the idea that labor is an expression of ourselves.

The output matters

In this respect, I like the vision of Hegel who understood labor as the “act of man’s self-creation.” While Hegel said that as a part of a more complex reasoning, that particular concept resonates in me. Based on this, we can start to consider how important the is the output of our work —and the ownership of it.—

The result of our work is part of us, and we feel it. When we see something that we have just finished we feel joy.


Given that the output of our work is an extension of ourselves, it’s reasonable to take critics of our work in a personal way and this is a danger. Even the vilest critics have something to say —sometimes is something good!— and we must embrace them, for our own good.

Final words

Today I’m short of inspiration, so this is a short rant, and, honestly, that makes me sad because this is such a great topic! I hope I can revisit this in the future, and talk more about my experiences, frustrations and good moments in my relationship with work.

Roberto Dip