Why I am making this public

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I’m pretty sure that nobody in the entire internet reads this blog, and there is a long list of reasons, among many are:

So, the natural thing to ask is…

Why on earth do I publish here?

I’ve said in my first post that the whole purpose of this blog is to improve my writing skills.

So, if I don’t care about anything else but writing, why bother making it public? I could write in a notebook, or store the content in Google Docs (which reminds me of this episode of The Office.)

The key thing is that I’ve found that publishing the content forces me to do two things:

Where the system fails

While all the above is great, there is a key point missing: To improve, writing and publishing are not enough, I need feedback.

This realization came from a couple of books and articles that I’ve been reading on the topic of deliberate practice. Turns out that only practicing hard is not enough, you have to practice smart, and a key point is to have feedback.

Possible solutions

I have been digging around this problem and I’ve found a list of possible solutions:

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